Warrior Gnome with Shield



  • Warrior Garden Gnome and his powerful shield and sword is the protector of your garden gnomes and fairy garden. The warrior gnome is designed to ward off evil spirits, zombie gnomes, and unwanted guests with his electrifying sword. Gnome nappers beware too!
  • Measurements: 8.6H X 10W X 6.7 D made of top-quality resin to last the fairy garden outdoors and indoors
  • Non-Toxic and waterproof for outdoor lawn gnomes use. Looks so cool on your bookshelf too!
  • Exclusive copyright design and hand-painted by our artists making each and every unit so unique and special
  • Great for a fairy garden, miniature garden, as a lawn gnome, your home, office, on a shelf next to you while you work, and as a wonderful garden ornament gift

Warrior Gnome with Shield

My story...

The Warrior Gnome with his shield and sword is the ultimate protector of the gnomes and fairies in Gnome Land and the fairy garden. He also wards off zombie gnomes, evil spirits, gnome nappers, and unwanted guests. His Magical shield can also be thrown as a weapon that will strike down any size predator. WATCH OUT and beware – the warrior garden gnome is here to save the day! Made from top quality non-toxic resin that lasts in the outdoors and will maintain a brand new look for a very long time. The gnome is weatherproof and he does not mind the rain and the seasons because it’s so tough and he has the power! Because he is a protector by nature, the warrior gnome is a perfect addition to your fairy garden and he’ll make sure that your fairies and gnomes are safe as gnome-napping aka gnoming is a cute tradition but which the Warrior Gnome is highly trained against. The same goes for stealing his treasures. Besides his natural dislike to trolls (like all other gnomes but he can also be trained) – the warrior gnome is highly friendly to all animals. The warrior garden gnome is said to bring an incredible good fortune to those who meet him and is the idea miniature garden accessory. The gnome cape is solid black and is a lot more powerful than the Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader cape. His sword is also highly potent compared to the ones displayed in star wars. Does not include other figurines or accessories which might be showing in product images for display purposes. The design and craftsmanship are amazing and highly detailed. When you look at it closely you’ll appreciate the attention to the smallest features. Enter the world of fantasy and magic with the Warrior Gnome and Magical Shield!