Thank you for visiting GlitZGlam Fairies and Gnomes – a unique and beautiful place for your enchanted dreams and fairy garden.   Creating or adding to your own fairy garden is an inspiring work and we know that there are many choices for you out there – thank you for visiting GlitZGlam fairies and gnomes.com and rest assure that you have arrived to the right place!

Hi, my name is Victoria and I am one of the main creators of GlitZGlam’s Fairies and Gnomes line. I like to share with you a little background on how our enchanted miniature characters and fairy garden accessories came to life.

The mythology of the fairies, sprites, pixies, elves and gnomes is absolutely amazing!  Talking about enchanted – did you know that a miniature mushroom ring creates a magical portal into the world of fairies and allows a free flow in your enchanted fairy garden? We absolutely love the supernatural world and as step one for fairy garden ideas we imagine ourselves in a magical land far, far away where the most beautiful creatures (garden fairies and gnomes) roam and all things are possible.  If you lived there – what would you want to see?  Who would you want to play with? What kind of majestic bed would I want to sleep on and what furniture would I want in my magical fairy house? These are not just garden ornaments.. the garden fairies, the garden gnomes fill our hearts and mind.

Here is an example: I’ve always loved unicorns but I’ve never seen a black yet colorful unicorn.  This is how I came up with “Black Beauty” (link to product)  Black beauty is probably one of my favorite pieces.  It took me countless hours to come up with the idea of her design and many more hours of sketching the perfect unicorn as a fairy garden accessory.  I knew I wanted a beautiful, bold, black unicorn.  I wanted her to have a braided mane with flowers flowing down her hair.  I also envisioned her with colors of pink and blue on her horn and tail.   Then it is off to the design phase which results in a more formal sketch and continue to an artistic sculpture by hand.  Numerous revisions later (often more than 20…but it’s always worth the wait..) and BLACK BEAUTY came to life. 

I hope you will enjoy our fairy garden creations as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you.  Please check back regularly as we’ll be adding new fairy garden additions and accessories on a regular basis. 

We also love to hear back from you! Is there anything you would like to see and haven’t seen anywhere else?  Any accessories for your existing fairy garden? Let us know !


Thanks for stopping by!


Creator of Fairies and Gnomes
By GlitZGlam