Pink Rose Tree of Azar



  • Includes one magical Pink Mrs. Rose Tree of Azar for a fairy garden and one adorable miniature hedgehog. Fairy Garden Accessories. Does not include other figurines or accessories which might be showing in product images for display purposes
  • Mrs. Rose Tree Measurements: 7” L X 9” H X 7” W Made of top quality resin and beautiful colorwork with great attention to the small details. 24cm H X 18cm L X 17cm W. Bench Measurements: 3” H X 2.25” L X 1.25” W – 7.5cm H X 6.5cm L X 3.5cm W
  • Exclusive copyright design and hand-painted by our artists making each and every piece unique as no 2 trees are 100% identical. Several miniature tree styles by GlitZGlam are available
  • This fairy garden miniature is non-toxic and designed for outdoor/indoor / patio and lawn décor and can withstand all the elements of mother nature as it is cast in high-quality resin and hand-painted with care by our artists
  • Great accessory for your fairy & gnome garden, miniature garden, garden fairy kit, decoration for indoor plants, your home, office, or as a gift

Pink Rose Tree of Azar

My story...

Beautifully hand-painted the Pink Rose Tree of Azar for the fairy garden is built with one magical fairy door that can open and close and includes an adorable hedgehog holding apples. Only in the Magical Land of Azar, you’ll find the famous Rose Trees. Mrs. Rose and the Rose Trees of Azar are not any ordinary Rose Trees! Not only are these trees the only trees that grow Roses in the world, but these Rose Trees can talk, sing, and even dance! Mrs. Rose has beautiful fragrant Pink Roses growing on her branches that bloom all year round. She sits right next to Mr. Rose the Red rose tree of Azar – her constant companion. I mean who says that Rose trees can’t get married?! Mr. Rose and Mrs. Rose live right down the pathway from Emilie the Fairy and Nala the White Tiger’s fairy house in the Enchanted Forest. Emilie the Fairy, Nala the White Tiger, and Cody the Green Dragon often visit Mr. and Mrs. Rose and the other Rose Trees and enjoy picnics and singing songs together. This beautiful tree is for Rose lovers all over the world! Magical, delightful, and handcrafted, Mrs. Rose, the pink rose tree will be the center of your conversation. Sit back, relax, and take a magical ride to the Land of Azar where fairies, unicorns, mermaids, and talking Rose trees exist and imaginations run wild! Collect all of the fairy garden figurines in the Azarian collection and let your imagination run wild! Enter into the land of fairies, gnomes and magical creatures as this tree will inspire all the garden fairies, pixies, sprites, and even lawn gnomes to gather. A must-have for the miniature fairy garden enthusiast! Place this beautiful piece in your miniature garden or home. The design and craftsmanship are absolutely amazing! When you closely examine it you are bound to appreciate the attention to the smallest features, details, and quality that will last in the outdoors due to the top quality designer resin the miniature tree is made of.