Patrick The Patriotic Miniature Cat and The Happy Gnomes



  • Patrick the Patriotic Cat with his buddies The Happy Gnomes! Patrick the Cat is roaming the fairy and gnome gardens with his buddies the five most adorable Happy Gnomes who are playing their musical instruments and having a great time! The miniature gnome set is a lovely attraction for your fairy garden as a scene!
  • Measurements: 11” H X 14” W X 4” D Made of top quality resin. A beautiful lawn gnome figurine for your fairy garden and miniature garden. Does not include other fairy figurines/fairy garden accessories which might be showing in product images for display purposes
  • Non-Toxic and waterproof for miniature garden outdoor use. Looks so cool on your bookshelf too and as a collectible item
  • Exclusive copyright design and hand-painted by our artists making each and every piece 100% unique and special as no two pieces are completely identical
  • Great for a fairy garden, miniature garden, enchanted garden, your home, office, on a shelf next to you while you work, and as a wonderful garden statue gift

Patrick The Patriotic Miniature Cat and The Happy Gnomes

My story...

Deep in the woods of the Enchanted Miniature Forest located in Fairyland is Patrick the Patriotic Cat and the Five miniature Happy Gnomes. The gnomes couldn’t be happier as they ride along the paths of the fairy garden and play their music. Relax and join in the happiness of the gnomes playing their favorite tunes on an accordion, violin, and flute with 2 gnomes playing the slide and game hide and seek on Patrick’s tail. Pixies, gnomes, fairies, unicorns, and all the creatures of the Enchanted Forest in the fairy garden come by to enjoy the delightful company of the Happy Gnomes! Miniature Cat and garden Gnome measurements: 11” H X 14” W X 4” D