Katrina the Fairy Children Book



  • Katrina is an actual miniature fairy from GlitZGlam’s fairy garden collection.  The story is based on Katrina’s adventures with her magical friends in Fairyland
  • A counting book for the young reader and a great bedtime story!
  • “Katrina the Fairy” is a fully illustrated, hardcover book.   It’s also available in packages/bundles which include all the magical characters in the story. An interactive children’s picture book complete with the characters to create your own beautiful fairy garden!  A very fun and cool way to tell a story!
  • The 11” H X 8.5” W hardcover book includes 28 beautifully illustrated pages on glossy paper.
  • The bundles offer a fantastic way to tell a children’s story as children get excited seeing the actual characters side by side! (Miniatures sold separately in other packages offered.)

Katrina the Fairy Children Book

My story...

Enjoy this fantastical tale of Katrina the Fairy and Butterfly, her best friend,  as they celebrate the biggest event of the year – the Summer Dance of Fairyland!

Set upon a backdrop of lush landscapes, rainbow valleys, and skies of beautiful hues, this is a counting book for the young reader and a good learning tool too!

Collect all of the fairy garden figurines in the children’s book Katrina the Fairy and let your imagination run wild!