Joshua’s Miniature Tree



  • Includes one magical Joshua’s fairy garden tree for a fairy garden. Fairy Garden Accessories. Does not include other figurines or accessories which might be showing in product images for display purposes
  • Measurement: 9.5” L X 10.5” H X 8” W Made of top quality resin and beautiful color work with great attention to the small details
  • Exclusive copyright design and hand-painted by our artists making each and every piece unique as no 2 ponds are 100% identical. Non-Toxic and waterproof/weatherproof for outdoor use
  • Great for a fairy garden, miniature garden, enchanted garden, your home, office, on a shelf next to you while you work, and as a wonderful gift
  • Several tree styles by GlitZGlam are available. Does not intend to replicate the botanical Joshua Tree in the California desert but rather named after it’s boy fairy – Joshua

Joshua’s Miniature Tree

My story...

Beautifully hand-painted Magical Joshua’s miniature tree for the fairy garden is built with 4 magical fairy doors that can open and close. The doors are colored in pink, purple, blue, and green and are inviting the garden fairies to come and visit. The miniature tree is wearing a wise, kind, and pleasant smile that the garden gnomes just love! It even holds a special magical red book engraved in gold lettering in its left arm. Joshua’s tree is an enchanted miniature tree as fairies and gnomes gather here to listen to the magical stories of the enchanted land and rest. Stories are told every night as the enchanted gnomes and fairies gather to hear about the magical land a long, long time ago. This beautiful tree is named after the fairy boy Joshua. As Joshua, the fairy spends most of his time here listening to the magical stories of the fairy and gnomeland. In fact, the tree has made a special seating bench just for Joshua so he can sit and hear the stories for as long as he likes! Joshua the fairy boy is sold separately. Emma the fairy and also Katrina the fairy by GlitZGlam can also seat there as well. Enter into the land of fairies, gnomes and magical creatures as this tree will inspire all the garden fairies, pixies, sprites, and even lawn gnomes to gather. A must-have for the miniature garden enthusiast! Place this beautiful piece in your miniature garden or home. The design and craftsmanship are absolutely amazing! When you closely examine it you are bound to appreciate the attention to the smallest features, details, and quality that will last in the outdoors due to the top quality designer resin the miniature tree is made of. Enter the world of fantasy and magic with this fairy garden accessory piece as it will serve as a beautiful addition to your miniature garden or fairy house kit.