Daisy the Fairy


GlitZGlam Daisy The Gorgeous Miniature Fairy for Your Fairy Garden/Miniature Garden

  • Daisy the fairy is a beautiful, colorful bright turquoise, green, blue, purple and gold miniature fairy figurine for your enchanted garden / fairy garden
  • Measurements: Fairy: 3 1/4”H X 4”W – crafted from high-quality, non-toxic resin that lasts in the outdoors with great attention to the small details
  • Non-Toxic and waterproof for miniature garden outdoor use. Looks so cool on your bookshelf too and as a collectible item
  • Great as a fairy garden, miniature garden, enchanted garden, your home, office, on a shelf next to you while you work and as a wonderful gift
  • Exclusive copyright design and hand painted by our artists making each and every piece 100% unique and special as no two pieces are completely identical

Daisy the garden fairy is wearing a beautiful gold, purple, blue and green outfit. Her outfit is made of leaves and silk.

She is also wearing green fairy shoes and fairy purple stockings. Daisy’s favorite flowers are of course Daisies! She loves daisies so much that she always wears a daisy halo of flowers on her head.

Her fairy wings are beautifully colored in blue, teal, purple and hints of gold.

Daisy loves to play with her sister Katrina the fairy and her cousins Sofia and Arabella the fairies.

They all like to sing, dance and have a tea party with the happy gnomes and their unicorn friends.

Daisy also likes to sing and read to the baby gnomes in Gnomeland and play with her special friends the Happy Gnomes at their campsite.

Daisy loves to hear enchanted stories with other fairies and garden gnomes at Joshua’s tree.

She loves to hear the tales of magical creatures that roamed the fairy land a long, long time ago.

Daisy the miniature fairy is made from high-quality, non-toxic resin that lasts in the outdoors and will look beautiful and colorful for a very long time.

She loves to be with flowers and butterflies so place her where the butterflies, flowers, bees and hummingbirds gather.

This garden fairy loves water and is most happy if placed next to a water source such as a pond, stream or well. Does not include other figurines or accessories which might be showing in product images for display purposes.

This fairy can be found under fairy gardens, garden fairies, fairy figurines, fairy statues, miniature fairy garden, miniature fairy figurines and miniature fairies.

The design, craftsmanship and materials are amazing. When you look closely you’ll appreciate the attention to the smallest features and details. Enter the world of fantasy and magic with Mimi as a beautiful addition to your garden. If you love fairies and the enchanted world – this one is for you!


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