Emilie The Fairy



  • Emilie the fairy is a beautiful, colorful bright pink, blue and purple miniature fairy figurine for your enchanted garden/fairy garden
  • Measurements: Fairy: 3.25” H X 4” L X 2” W – crafted from high-quality, non-toxic resin that lasts in the outdoors with great attention to the small details. 10cm L X 9cm H X 4cm W
  • Non-Toxic and waterproof for outdoor use. Looks so beautiful on your bookshelf too!
  • Exclusive copyright design and hand-painted by our artists making each and every piece unique as no two fairies are 100% identical. Several miniature fairies by GlitZGlam are available
  • Great accessory for your fairy & gnome garden, miniature garden, garden fairy kit, decoration for indoor plants, your home, office or as a gift

Emilie The Fairy

My story...

Emilie the garden fairy is wearing a beautiful pink, purple, and blue outfit. Her outfit is made of silk and sewn by the renowned seamstress of the Magical Land of Azar – Jane Peacock. She is also wearing pink fairy shoes and pink and blue stockings. Emilie’s favorite flowers are pink roses. She loves roses so much that she always wears a halo of roses on her head freshly picked from the Rose Trees of Azar. Her fairy wings are beautifully colored in blue, purple, and pink. Each fairy is hand-painted by artisans making each one 100% unique as no two fairies can ever be 100% identical. Emilie lives in the Magical fairy Land of Azar with her best friends Nala the white tiger and Cody the Green Dragon. Together they roam the land of Azar having fun and enjoying the beautiful sites of Azar. Emilie lives in the Enchanted Forest in a small cottage surrounded by rich green foliage and colorful flowers. At her home, birds are always singing and butterflies fluttering about. She loves music and dance and attends the many events of Azar at the Grandstand stage near the flower fields. Emilie and her best friends Nala the white tiger and Cody the Dragon can be seen every Saturday afternoon playing with the Blue Dolphins and other magnificent creatures at the Sea of Azar. Emilie also loves to visit her sisters Daisy and Katrina and have tea and cookies once a week at Emilie’s house located in the Enchanted Forest. All three sisters sit and laugh and play with Cody and Nala having a grand old time! Collect all of the fairy garden figurines in the Azarian collection and let your imagination run wild! Emilie the miniature fairy is made from high-quality, non-toxic resin that lasts in the outdoors and will look beautiful and colorful for a very long time. She loves to be with flowers and butterflies so place her where the butterflies, flowers, bees, and hummingbirds gather. This garden fairy loves water and is most happy if placed next to a water source such as a pond.